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It happens to everyone, it seems, about once every nine months.

And for the record, each time I was hacked, my credit card was still physically in my possession.

The experience, which featured a Coney Island-inspired fairground, incorporated Coach's signature "C" into the decor in subtle ways, including at a blue DJ booth, which also featured an illustration of the brand's familiar handbag clasp.

An illuminated sign displayed the year the brand was founded against red curtains, and other props included a carousel horse.

Almost 40 percent of us were deeply concerned about the security of shopping and banking online. The information is later resold to criminals who create counterfeit cards or charge items over the phone or the Internet.

Other times, though, it is simply you being careless. Dishonest wait staff have been known to use hidden or handheld devices to copy your credit card for later counterfeiting.

The good news is that none of my five thefts have cost me a penny, for which I am very grateful.

Experiential marketing agency Pen&Public produced the campaign. The event had a photo booth inspired by a summer picnic, complete with a checkered blanket, picnic baskets, a bike holding baguettes. For the first time in its 37-year history, the Council of Fashion Designers of America awards gala took place outside of Manhattan, at the Brooklyn Museum on June 5. , e-commerce furniture company Zinus recreated the loft from the film for a consumer pop-up on May 31 at a vacant space in New York.

Taco Bell celebrated the Canada debut of its signature Baja Blast drink with a pop-up hair dye salon June 14 to 15 in Toronto and June 16 to 17 in Hamilton. A event featured a life-size version of Trova, the C. The pop-up, which was produced by Jack Morton Worldwide, had a Zoltar fortune teller machine, which turns the film’s main character into an adult overnight.

There's no need to tell you what a pain in the ass this is, but I will anyway.

You have to switch all direct billings from the old card to a new card -- and you invariably forget a few which means you get dinged with late fees.

And in four of the five instances, it was Chase -- my credit card provider -- that discovered the fraud and told me about it. In all five cases, Chase closed my account, issued me a new one on the spot and sent me new cards overnight.

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