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08-Oct-2020 07:20

The model is equipped with potentiometers controlling the intensity of the street lighting, globes with different levels of transparency, and cut-off covers, thus allowing the simulation of different light pollution issues.

The model has been used in various outreach events and hosted in a natural history museum in Leghorn a= nd in Festambiente, one the main national festivals on environmental awareness= .• Networking, by systematically searching for other subjects engaged in the topic of artificial light at night.

This picture should warrant research, knowledge transf= er, decision support and awareness raising opportunities to all the stakeholders involved in light pollution issues.

However, compared to other countries un= der similar socio-economic conditions, where an interdisciplinary approach to l= ight pollution studies has developed and is serving various sectors of society, = the Italian research system has produced to date a sparse body of knowledge [7-= 13].

The collected data is uploaded to the project web site and is subsequently displayed via a web-map interface.The project has also produced videos, launched a photo contest (in 2010, receiving entries by over 600 participan= ts from 52 countries), created tutorials and more multimedia material.A unique product of the project is a model of a road with a night sky created using = 250 m of optic fiber of three different diameters.Artificial light at night is an essential element of modern civilization, enabling to illuminate residential and industrial areas, and infrastructure after sunse= t, thus enabling the prolongation of social and economic activities.

At the sa= me time, the amount and type of emitted light, often excessive compared to real needs, causes negative effects on various sectors, like professional and amateur astronomic observations, ecology, safety and human health [1-4].A reporting system is also available, allowing the execution of complex queries on the database.Data may also be downloaded and is distrib= uted with an Open Database License.• Outreach, with over 100 presentations given throughout the country (and occasionally abroad).Research on light pollution and its effects developed in Italy through a peculiar pa= th.

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