Women prefer dating tall men

11-May-2020 00:26

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I have been told, straight up, by women that I'm not tall enough for then. I am tall enough for lots of women, and that's good enough for me. I married a super hot lady who loves me despite my height.When you're looking for a woman to date, the list of qualities to consider can seem infinite. Height is often the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet.Don't be insecure, don't dwell on it, and especially don't dwell on the women that reject you.

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He might help a woman find her car in a crowded parking lot.And when men interact with tall women, as Roger Dobson explains for The Independent, the outcome is generally positive.According to Dobson, “both men and women judge a tall female on first sight as more intelligent, assertive, independent and ambitious.”Dobson further explains that men view tall women as being wealthier and more successful.Dobson explains that men make many conclusions about a woman based on her height.