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Suspicions as to whom the murderer might be arise, as Sharpay Evans is said to have a cult of followers who attract multiple enemies.

Chad needs to ask him to prom, if he wants any chance of actually getting a 'yes', he NEEDED to ask him now.

This musical included several songs that were not in the movie, but the ones that appeared in the film were What I've Been Looking For and Breaking Free.

She also wrote the song You Are the Music in Me for Troy and Gabriella (though it gets taken by Sharpay at one point).

After being kicked out of his house, Chad had nowhere to go.That was until he ran into Sharpay (quite literally) on the street.She took him into her's and Ryan's house, giving him the relief that he won't be spending winter time alone on the streets.She was accepted to the Julliard School for its scholarship along with Ryan because of her music in the Senior Year Spring Musical.

Unlike the main female characters, Kelsi's love-life is mostly ambiguous, and almost entirely implied.Four years after they graduated high school Chad and Ryan are out of their respective colleges and more than ready to get a place of their own. A., California (Ryan following work and Chad wanting to live closer to his "brother") and they begin to weave a pleasant life together.They even decide to add another member to their family.But he comes into their house with more baggage than the ones he carries, worrying both Sharpay and Ryan.

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