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Kelsey lives in Brooklyn with her puppy, Cubby: a real life teddy bear.

She’s a die-hard Chiefs football fan and lives for college basketball season.

Representative Yoder introduced the Kelsey Smith Act in 2013, and the bill will now move forward for possible consideration by the full House of Representatives.

When every second matters, the Kelsey Smith Act means lives will be saved, and law enforcement will shave precious time off their response to missing persons by working hand in hand with telecommunications companies,” stated Congressman Kevin Yoder.

Most importantly, is the point that it was there, and while I haven't been able to find a picture of the skeleton in the case, I am getting closer at least ~ I found the card that was in the case with him!

Case Card #1 Above: Actual card from the glass case the large skeleton was placed in form the Tioga Point Museum Opening in 1895 And remained there for many years...

So the question then becomes: " Is that REALLY A GIANT or just a larger than average person?

" Here is more about the so-called giant skeletons that were found in our area: 1.) Towanda Daily Review - 1897 - "The Grave of a Giant" 2.) Aboriginal Sites in and Near "Teaoga," Now Athens, Pennsylvania, 1921 (make sure to read the footnote too) This is a great article about the sites in our region written by Louise Welles Murray in 1921 and published in American Anthropologist.

And I thank my House colleagues in the Energy and Commerce Committee for their work in passing this bill and moving it forward.” “We continue to be amazed at how our daughter Kelsey is still making a difference.3.) History Of Waverly, Chapter IV, page 7 (second paragraph) Capt Charles Albertson, 1943 "The Andastes also had numerous villages and stockades as far south as the Chesapeake Bay, where Captain John Smith mentions in his "General History" having met them, and describes them as being "giants".This statement has been in doubt until recent years, when several skeletons of this departed race have been discovered, which tend to prove the truth of Smith's statement.Simply stated in my opinion, we need less "Ringling Brothers", Controversy and Curiosity - and more Respect and Reverence for a Native American culture that existed here and was literally annihilated.

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The Susquehannocks were human beings just like you and me folks, but of even greater stature and deserving of more talk about their LIFE than their REMAINS....The Kelsey Smith Act would help law enforcement and telecommunication officials work together quickly in cases of emergency to the locate cell phones of missing persons.Passing the Kelsey Smith Act will codify federal legislation that is already law in sixteen states, including Kansas.Her inspiration to work with children and families comes from her mother, an early educator in the Kansas City area, and they share the belief that every child has the right to feel loved and supported.