When did josh duhamel and fergie start dating queen latifah dating trainer

13-May-2020 05:29

“I’ve heard so many rumors about all of that,” she said. Right now, I just turned all my videos in yesterday to everybody.

Another week, another beloved celebrity couple is getting divorced.

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Fergie and Josh Duhamel announced in a joint statement on Thursday that they had split up after eight years of marriage.

Josh has always been public about wanting a big family, and Fergie talked about wanting to focus on her career instead. With Josh wanting to focus more on his family and wanting Fergie to be more of a traditional mom, it's possible he wasn't happy when she instead chose to make another album.

"I felt that it was either going to be another baby or an album," she told Allure in 2015. And there have been some questionable quotes from Josh about Fergie's parenting, ""For a girl, which everything has always been about her, to see what the love of a child can do is pretty amazing," he told AOL right before Mother's Day this year. But joke's on you Josh, but anything Fergie puts out is usually fire.

According to one source, those close to Fergie and Josh “won’t be surprised that this ended,” adding that their differences factored into the split.

“In the beginning, it was what attracted them to each other and made them so much fun to be around… We’re stronger today because of anything difficult that’s happened with us…

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The 42-year-old entertainer began tearing up while discussing her long-term relationship with Duhamel, whom she started dating in 2004. “We forever have that project together and we’re doing the best we can.” Fergie’s interview on “The Wendy Williams Show” airs Thursday.

LOS ANGELES - Singer Fergie and actor Josh Duhamel have announced they are splitting up after eight years of marriage.

They have revealed they went their separate ways earlier this year, but kept the news private for some time in order to adjust to the situation.

We are and will always be united in our support of each other and our family."So the statement sounds like the couple has been split for at least a few moments.

That Instagram above was posted in January, when they celebrated their 8 year anniversary., Since then, Fergie hasn't posted any photos of Josh, but he's been more active with photos of them as recent as July.

Sources close to the couple claim that their lifestyles were just too different to sustain a relationship.