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21-May-2020 16:49

Posts of current observations will only occur while your software is running.If you are on a dial-up connection, your software should automatically connect as necessary according to your scheduled upload times to send your data.If you still can't find it, send a support message by clicking here. We hear this often from users of Microsoft e-mail services (MSN, Hotmail).To insure you receive messages in the future (like password reminders and other account information) let them know you need to receive messages from Typically official National Weather Service (NWS) stations update every half-hour or every hour.While most software can upload more often and our servers will allow updates as often as your software will allow (up to once a minute), a half-hour upload schedule is suitable. Why don't you support this or that software or dedicated hardware? Currently software that supports posting to PWSweather include... My data isn't being displayed on my page even though it looks like I'm sending and its on other sites. Next, you'll need software to process data from the weather station and send it to the Internet.

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In general, you should look for information on servers, Aeris Weather or PWSweather and/or the previous HAMweather / Weather For You names.

Also it is sometimes necessary to close the program and re-open it before the settings will update and begin sending data.

If after trying this and waiting about another hour you still don't see your data, feel free to report it through our support system.

Once you have signed up for the service, you can manage all of your weather stations very easily from within our user's area. One of the great things about is your data will be displayed in a number of ways and archived on our site for easy searching.

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So you don't necessarily need your own web site and it's not necessary to enter the URL of where your data is displayed on another service. You can use your station's page on as your station's home page.However, if the station ID you requested has already been reserved for another station, we will suggest a unique station ID for you.Yes, we allow you to assign multiple weather stations under a single account.However if you have your own site we encourage you to put the address in your station's profile so others will be able to find it and return to it for your weather information.