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31-May-2020 16:09

She is never late, she always completes all her work on time, she frequently helps other employees out with work they have, and she has managed her customers that she took on when she joined the company better than the other CSRs did (in a way that is visible to anyone who works for the company). Lorraine has been with the company for 15 years, and she’s at the level where her work is decent enough that I have little to complain about, but she doesn’t go above and beyond for anything.

I say this because I think there might be a little bit of jealousy happening, and I also think age plays into this. I’m looking for some guidance on how I should handle this situation once and for all.

” and so on…) but she always tells me that she’s afraid that when she says something to Lorraine she will “just go off on her.”Kelsey is a stellar employee.

She got the highest marks out of everyone at her last review.

Lorraine has a habit of addressing any concerns, issues, or problems she might have with Kelsey or her work to the office at large instead of directly to Kelsey.

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