Vanessa dating game

20-Apr-2020 09:07

At first she refused, but after he made her think that it was hard to lose Carly as a friend, as agrees.

While a star choreographer Maria Schiller came to brush up Step, Sister, Vanessa purposely not show up so that Carly could dance with Sasha and continue their friendship.

However, the plan backfired and she apologized to Carly for leaving her in that situation, even though she got offended by Maria when she would Carly that it's too bad she was just the understudy. Maria tries to help Vanessa and to calm down and dance like she's having fun, not like a dancer who's not having fun.

When Sasha decides to give Carly some space, Vanessa comforts her and then talks about what a major disappointment Maria turned out to be, not knowing that she entered and overheard her. At first, Vanessa thinks that Maria was doing that because she doesn't like her but after, she noticed that it was for her own good and dance.

Vanessa later made many attempts to not make a big deal out of being a Prima, but it just made Carly uncomfortable.They talked in a group, Jenna asking Vanessa plenty of questions.Later, they were put in pairs to choreograph a dance over their own, and Vanessa was paired with Jenna, and Vanessa started to teach her the routine that Carly and she had done, upsetting Carly.Their teacher, Helsweel, had the students perform for her, and she was impressed by Vanessa, as mentioned by Sasha.

Vanessa was chosen as Prima out of the freshmen much to her surprise and made plans to go an ice-cream shop with Carly after school ended that day.

When the two of them began arguing, Sasha listened, wanting to blog about the gossip.

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