Updating the bios for a new power supply

26-Aug-2020 01:12

updating the bios for a new power supply-74

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Select "Internet Setting" as "PPPo E" then type in your name and password. You can select the UEFI Download Server nearest to you. If the same problem still occurs, please download and update the latest BIOS from ASRock's website first, then you can update the BIOS via Internet Flash next time. Answer: Please make sure that you meet the required conditions listed below. Question (Q&A-101|330): After updating the BIOS, my Intel IVY Bridge CPU and Intel 6 series chipset motherboard will get the Blue screen and can't boot into Windows 8 anymore. Step 1: Download Intel Smart Connect driver from our website: https:// 2: Install the driver and reboot system.Download link: https:// Please follow below steps to use WOL function. Please enable "Onboard LAN power on" in BIOS\Advanced\ACPI configuration. Answer: Since there are some VGA cards with incorrect information in v BIOS (Video BIOS), please contact your VGA card vendor or update motherboard BIOS to latest version from our website: https:// you have any question, please contact ASRock TSD.

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Step 4: Key in "drvcfg", and you will see the information like below: Drv[4E] Ctrl[B5] Lang[eng] Step 5: Key in "dh [Drv number]", for example: key in "dh 4E".Go to Advanced CPU Configuration and enable "Software Guard Extensions" in BIOS setting. Go to Control Panel Question (Q&A-133|447): I'd like to install the TR4 1900X CPU on X399Taichi or X399 Prof. Please refer to the following steps to update the BIOS P1.30 or later version to support TR4 1900X CPU.(8/1/2017)Answer: Step 1. When the system boots up, press "F2” to enter UEFI setup screen. Go to Control Panel Sound and select "HDMI output”. Answer: CPU Frequency Multiplier Change option is already supported by the new BIOS update.Press "F10" to save and exit the BIOS setup screen. Download the BIOS P1.30 or later version from ASRock's website X399 Taichi: https:// Taichi/index.asp#BIOS X399 Prof. Go to Advanced CPU Configuration and enable "Software Guard Extensions” in BIOS setting. Please visit ASRock Download zone and update the BIOS to the following BIOS or later versions.Answer: For Intel H170 motherboards with two BIOS ROM chips, if main BIOS (BIOS_A1) is corrupted please follow the steps below to have main BIOS recovered. Please unplug the power cable and move the jumper cap to short pin2 and pin3 on the "BIOS_SEL1” header. Please plug the power cable and boot into BIOS(BIOS_B1). Plug the power cable and the system should be boot up with main BIOS file Answer: If you are using the VGA card and onboard display adapter shows an exclamation mark as the picture below, please follow the steps to remove exclamation mark. Please press "F2” or "Del” during POST to enter BIOS setup 2.

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