Updating sakray

14-Jul-2020 05:19

function On Init() local owner=Get V(V_OWNER, My ID) if owner==account-id-1 then Old Homun Type=FILIR elseif owner==account-id-2 then Old Homun Type=LIF end end Option 2: we can identify the homuns by their types, for example, we have a lif - Bayeri function On Init() local htype=Get V(V_HOMUNTYPE, My ID) if htype==EIRA then Old Homun Type=LIF elseif htype==BAYERI then Old Homun Type=AMISTR end end You can even use different config or tactics files using require: function On Init() local htype=Get V(V_HOMUNTYPE, My ID) if htype==EIRA then Old Homun Type=LIF dofile("./AI/USER_AI/EIRA_Tactics.lua") elseif htype==BAYERI then Old Homun Type=AMISTR dofile("./AI/USER_AI/BAY_Tactics.lua") end end It is strongly recommended that you do not, as the process is difficult - there is currently no way for mercenaries to identify monsters.

It can be done using a Mob ID file, which correlates actor IDs to monster type - this is a lot of work to set up, and the work has to be repeated after every maint.

After doing this, delete the USER_AI folder, and create a new folder called USER_AI in the same location, and reinstall the AI.

The settings are stores in H_Config, H_Tactics, and H_Extra for homunculus, and M_Config, M_Tactics and M_Extra for mercenary.

This is most useful for setting Old Homun Type, but any option can be changed.

Here are some examples - add them to H_Example 1: you have 1 homun per account: Get account id(s) off ropd, and plug it in something like what is shown below - In this example, the genetic on account 1 has a homun that used to be a filir, the one on account 2 has a homun that used to be a lif.

Note: If you are using Windows Vista or later with UAC enabled, RO must be installed to a location outside the 'Program Files' or 'Program Files (x86)' folders, otherwise windows will block the installation.

If you are upgrading within the same major version (1.3x, 1.4x, 1.5x, for example), yes.Using the Value Added Service, you can transfer characters between different game accounts under the same Warp Portal account.Characters being moved to an account of the opposite gender will be gender-changed, including Dancer/Bard types.A good connection between client and server depends on the internet service provider (ISP). Frequently, lag problems are caused by problems with servers between the user and the Ragnarok Online server.

Admittedly the installation files for kRO and sakray are quite large, but please take note that they are however necessary to playing without frequent errors.… continue reading »

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Gratis Reckoning Online, Sakray Private ro Server with 3rd jobs renewal ro top list Did you know Reckoning online is free to play we are based on Sakray RO servers… continue reading »

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