Updating palm desktop

08-May-2020 16:36

This is achieved via the Hot Sync Manager module, which is included in the installation package.

For all of these operation to successfully be carried out, a supported Palm devices must be connected to a computer where an installation of Palm Desktop by ACCESS is available.

For the best expreience, restart your PC and quit all running applications before installing this software.

Recently, I had to re-image the C drive on my laptop, and re-install Win XP, which in turn meant reinstalling all the applications.

Do not un-install previous versions of the Palm Desktop.

If you have an existing version of Palm Desktop on your computer, leave it as-is and install version 4.1 on top of it.

You will likely hear a “da-dunk” sound if your speakers are on.

All other folders appear to sync but do not show up in the left verticle nav bar. is anyone having the same problem: I installed Palm Desktop 6.2.2 on my Windows 10 system, sync'd and all was working fine for about 30 days or so.The other day I started my computer, went to the Palm Desktop and found all of the folders (in the left panel) are gone EXCEPT Media and Install.I have Uninstalled and reinstalled many times (from stored and newly downloaded sources) and still have the same problem.

Since installing Windows 10 I have found Microsoft trying to establish it's applications as the default with quite a few applications (a real fight with MS / Chrome and MS / Adobe PDF).

Once the installation was complete, I started the Desktop application, went to Tools-Options dialog box, to the “General” tab and tried to change the “Data Directory” to point to my existing “D:\John\Palm Pilot” directory.

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