Updating navionics cards

15-May-2020 02:59

I am working on creating a database for things like this and the wish list.

It works great and I have never filled it up in one trip.

Thanks, Robertinshorecatch It depends on how much you want to spend.

I use a Sandisk 4 GB Extreme III cards, purchased from Amazon. At the end of each day I download the card to my computer for viewing.

Patch Map is the Most Complete Set of Garmin GPS Oilfield Locations and Road Information Available.

Not only will this program search for LSDs, Patch Map will also search Operator Name or type of Facility (Wellsite, Compressorsite, Plantsite).

Here is a little poll just to see what size SD cards everyone is using. I know some people like myself, have 4 and 8 GB cards they use.

It's odd that I was writing about the Navionics Boating app's excellence at MFD integration when Garmin purchased the company and downright weird that the acquisition news arrived via a beta version of the brand new Garmin ActiveCaptain app that takes MFD integration to some other excellent places. For instance, have you ever seen… continue reading »

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Garmin BlueChart Marine Navigation Software - So it's time to hit the water, but your Garmin GPS screen is blank. Where are the depth contours? Navigation aids? Buoys? Ports? To get all this, and.… continue reading »

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Navionics Caribbean & S. America, SD Card Nautical Chart on SD/Micro-SD Card - MSD/NAV+3XG Navionics Cell Phones & Accessories… continue reading »

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Navionics and the RYA have teamed up to give RYA members a special discount to update their electronic charts for chartplotters. With Navionics Updates, you'll get Navionics latest charts and benefit from one year of free downloadable updates of Nautical Chart, SonarChart™ - the 0.5m HD bathymetry map, and Community Edits.… continue reading »

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