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It would expect the manager signing the statement of truth to have personal knowledge of the content of the document or to be responsible for managing those who have that knowledge of the content.

A small company may not have a manager, apart from the directors, who holds a senior position. In a larger company with specialist claims, insurance or legal departments the statement may be signed by the manager of such a department if he or she is responsible for handling the claim or managing the staff handling it. A legal representative employed by a party may sign a statement of truth.

Back to top 3.1 In a statement of case, a response or an application notice, the statement of truth must be signed by: (1) the party or his litigation friend of the party or litigation friend.

3.2 A statement of truth verifying a witness statement must be signed by the witness.

These are only examples and not an indication of how a court might apply the practice direction to a specific situation.

If an insurer has a financial interest in a claim involving its insured then, if the insured is the party, the insurer may sign a statement of truth in a statement of case for the insured party.

3.8 Where a legal representative has signed a statement of truth, his signature will be taken by the court as his statement: (1) that the client on whose behalf he has signed had authorised him to do so, (2) that before signing he had explained to the client that in signing the statement of truth he would be confirming the client’s belief that the facts stated in the document were true, and (3) that before signing he had informed the client of the possible consequences to the client if it should subsequently appear that the client did not have an honest belief in the truth of those facts (see rule 32.14).

The documents include: (1) a statement of case, (2) a response complying with an order under rule 18.1 to provide further information, (3) a witness statement, (4) an acknowledgment of service in a claim begun by the Part 8 procedure, (5) a certificate stating the reasons for bringing a possession claim or a landlord and tenant claim in the High Court in accordance with rules 55.3(2) and 56.2(2), (6) a certificate of service.However a person who is not a solicitor, barrister or other authorised litigator, but who is employed by the company and is managed by such a person, is not employed by that person and so cannot sign a statement of truth.(This is unlike the employee of a solicitor in private practice who would come within the definition of legal representative.) However such a person may be a manager and able to sign the statement on behalf of the company in that capacity.That person must state the office or position held.

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3.5 Each of the following persons is a person holding a senior position: (1) in respect of a registered company or corporation, a director, the treasurer, secretary, chief executive, manager or other officer of the company or corporation, and (2) in respect of a corporation which is not a registered company, in addition to those persons set out in (1), the mayor, chairman, president or town clerk or other similar officer of the corporation.The position for the Motor Insurers’ Bureau is similar. The word manager will be construed in the context of the phrase ‘a person holding a senior position’ which it is used to define.The court will consider the size of the company and the size and nature of the claim.3.6B If insurers are conducting proceedings on behalf of many claimants or defendants a statement of truth in a statement of case may be signed by a senior person responsible for the case at a lead insurer, but– (1) the person signing must specify the capacity in which he signs; (2) the statement of truth must be a statement that the lead insurer believes that the facts stated in the document are true; and (3) the court may order that a statement of truth also be signed by one or more of the parties.