These coconuts are quite intimidating

20-Jul-2020 05:55

these coconuts are quite intimidating-36

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Another option is chopping, blanching, and draining it, then adding a few tablespoons of coconut oil (which will melt and taste delish on the kale), some fresh garlic, and a few teaspoons of Braggs Liquid Aminos or tamari.If you see any of these veggies at the farmer’s market, expand your repertoire by trying them out!Coconut flesh, coconut oil and coconut butter are healthy substitutions.Recent research as found that the saturated fat contained in coconut actually protects against heart disease, stroke and hardening of the arteries.The kale will soften quite a bit, but still hold some of its texture.If you’re making a soup that calls for pasta, omit the processed pasta and add a few handfuls of kale instead.

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When creating raw food recipes, the young coconut is a healthy substitution for many of the dairy products that we have eliminated. Coming up with recipes that remind us of the traditional recipes that call for cream, butter and cheese requires creativity with the ingredients that we do use, such as nuts and coconut.

If you frequent the farmer’s market or decided to invest in a CSA share this year, the vegetables and fruits you’re finding are probably starting to get a bit starchier as the fall season sets in. Kale and beets may be a little more familiar, but when it comes to preparing them, what are you supposed to do?