The box super not updating

14-Jul-2020 22:37

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Noticed some of the add-ons and plugins installed on your Kodi Box have stopped working? In a new blog post, Kodi confirmed that a swathe of third-party add-ons have ceased to work on the platform following a crackdown on online piracy.

Go to where you will have a list of mirrors to chose from. We don't care,” the blog post is at pains to point out.“We care less than not caring. And to counter a popular comment; if the Kodi userbase drops a huge percentage because pirate services flee or die, we're fine with that.“Kodi has been around since 2002 and we are not going to implode or disappear (unlike the pirates).“Life will be a little quieter, but less time spent on self-entitled whiny people means more time writing great code and having fun.First backup your current source file As a last resort you can also do clean install if you feel your configuration might be broken. If get it working please update post - so others know what worked.

I have a question about port forwarding with FRITZ! When I port forward for my server, it works for a while, but after 3/4 days people can't join my server anymore. In my findings, it's related not to the port forwarding itself, but the Fritz notion and behaviour of the destination machine ("to computer" field in your screenshot).Unfortunately running:" apt-get update ", returns with an error message as follows: (If you see something that isn't quite right, I just typed that by hand because I can't get bridged clipboards to work.) Err sana In Release Err sana/updates In Release Err sna Unable to connect to org: Segmentation fault Reading package lists... Thank you in advance to anyone who helps me, whether or not it works.Done W: Failed to fetch Release W: Failed to fetch Release W: Faied to fetch to connect to org: W: Some index files failed to download. Pinging the source IP and the URL works fine, as well as pinging random IPs (,, etc), so it's probably not my network. :) (If you need additional information just tell me.) The solution is to change mirror in file. There are several mirrors of the Kali Linux repository server, all of which are spread over the world.

Jul 11, 2017. Noticed some of the add-ons and plugins installed on your Kodi Box have stopped working? You're not alone. In a new blog post, Kodi.… continue reading »

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