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Mister Fantastic was ordered to kill Iron Man, but was stopped by the Hulk declaring that his return was for justice. Robert was no longer holding back, having lost control of his powers while going into battle being in a frail mental state. Sentry unleashed forces that nearly destroyed what was left of New York, but ultimately, the battle between the two titans was ended after they burned each other out at the end of the battle.With the Sentry reverting back to Robert Reynolds and the Hulk back into Bruce Banner.The Void nearly killed Scout, drove Hulk into a rampage, and murdered over one million people in Manhattan. He cried, saying that he had warned them of the Void's coming and that it was now too late. Robert, along with the help of Emma Frost, discovered that the reason no one remembered him was not because of his own attempts to erase the Void, but because of Mastermind's manipulation. Unable to reconcile that Robert Reynolds, the Sentry and the Void were the same being, the Sentry contained the Void in a vault in the Watchtower. The Void claimed that Reynolds transformed into the Void rather than the Sentry, and that the Sentry was merely a guilt-borne byproduct of that transformation.Discovering that the Void had been the dark aspect of his own powers, the Sentry teamed with Reed Richards and Dr. With this new-found knowledge, the Void disappeared, and Emma Frost resurrected the Sentry. With only half of Robert Reynolds' memories (the Void possessing the other half), the Sentry was not sure the Void was wrong.But gloriously free of the entirety of my sadness and failure, I am reborn -- I AM LIFE-IN-DEATH!

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The Sentry was an optimistic and socially accepted hero who stood in marked contrast to the mostly freakish nature of the other heroes.

She later stated that she should have killed him on their wedding night. During the course of the battle, Iron Man hacked into CLOC - the Sentry's robot prioritizing and warning system - and fed alerts of multiple false emergencies into the Sentry's head, leaving him incapacitated for a few hours. When Cornelius confronted Reynolds with this, Reynolds became confused and ran to the fairgrounds where he first gained his powers.

At his sensational and highly publicized trial, Sickle's lawyer argued that he committed the murder in a state of temporary insanity. producer's chat.… continue reading »

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See more of Flagler Live on. bowling to raise money for Daytona State College. in Palm Coast and was found not guilty by reason of insanity in a bench.… continue reading »

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