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If we restrict the field to strips drawn by their original creator, Hagar drops still further out of contention, as Dik Browne died and was replaced by his son after only 16 years on the strip.

adventures have inspired a West End musical still revived today, a UK television series starring James Bolam in the title role and a 1973 book using Andys antics to interpret the Gospels.

I caught up with Vlad, insolent and stoned voice, he asked: - Where, dear, hurry? - Vlad, we seem to have everything figured out, let me pass!

With all narcotic narcotic, a light, almost the same time still not surrendered and kid in his apartment building.

His peers have always recognised this, however, and by 1974, Smythe had won the highest awards his profession could offer on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Whether you look at the statistics that chart his success or the sheer skill and consistency of the strips he produced, all his British competitors are left in the dust., found when he accidentally omitted one of the new teams strips from his papers March 1, 2010 edition. Particularly this comic strip, set in a foreign milieu and celebrating the life of a character whos not very likeable?The result was a flood of what he called profanity-laced attacks from readers threatening never to buy the paper again. years after that 1957 debut, then, Andy is still as unrepentantly alive as ever.That severely limits his appeal as a subject for heart-warming Christmas TV specials, childrens birthday cards or corporate branding campaigns, and yet the strip has still found its way to the very top tier of global success.

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