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24-May-2020 17:57

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As you can see, the bot is your oyster, or some other better analogy.Be as weird as you want, and maybe a more modern RPG with world leaders as characters, and options of diplomacy or impulsive political gambling and warfare would be a good place to start. And though men can't have the same conversation with the bot, it is designed to educate them about equal pay.For those worried about security and privacy, the bot doesn't ask for current salary information.The chatbot launched Tuesday to mark Equal Pay Day, the annual occasion where we talk about the fact that the median annual pay for women with full-time, year-round employment is significantly less than what men receive.Overall, women make .80 cents for every dollar a white man makes.

If you're a woman who gets tongue-tied when asking for a raise — or is too nervous to even bring up the subject with your boss — it's time to meet this new equal pay chatbot.Turn around, as I have yet to acquire reading glasses. Whether it was pretending to own a bank as a child with plastic 5c coins and Monopoly money, or exploring the kinks in your imagination in chat rooms with like minded users. Chatbots and gaming have a long and diverse history In the early stages in our relationships with computers, text based adventures such as 1975’s , or create RPGs with a pen and paper, improv and a few imaginative players, or join the Lit RPG community. Chances are, if you’re a human you’ve probably played some sort of role playing game (RPG) in your lifetime.It’s thinking strategically, with great dollops of imagination, and very often some taken for granted common sense.

I’ve been playing video games for a long time, and when I was introduced to I decided to create my own RPG.

Latina and black women, respectively, make .54 and .63 cents.