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In the event this is not possible, the employer will be required to terminate the employment contract. Not telling an employer about a court decision in respect of sexual offence could lead to one getting a fine or imprisonment, or both. For more information about the National Register for Sex Offenders, please contact the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development.

A person who does not reveal that he/she has been found guilty of an offence and applies for permission to run a business or organisation working with children or mentally disabled persons is breaking the law.

Some of the victims end up in hospitals or areas that are unknown to them after being drugged.

Sunnyside police spokesperson Daniel Mavimbela said police were shocked by a case where a 54-year-old Sandton man lost R190000 in March, after he was lured into a trap through a blind date sex arrangement by a woman he met on a dating website.

It is to protect children and persons who are mentally disabled against sexual offenders by establishing and maintaining a record of persons who – Q6.

Is the registration of an offender in the register a violation of the Bill of Rights?

No, the National Register for Sex Offenders complies with the Bill of Rights and the information contained in the register is treated with utmost confidentiality. What must an employer do if a staff member’s name is on the register? An employee found guilty of a sexual offence against a child or a person who is mentally disabled must tell an employer about the ruling.

If an employer at any time finds out that the name of an employee appears in the register, the employer must move that employee to another post which will not bring the worker into contact with a child or a person who is mentally disabled. In terms of the Criminal Procedure Act, the employee must tell his/her new employer about the court decision when applying for a job.

This database is only accessible directly by the National Registrar for Sex Offenders and indirectly by the South African Police Service, the Department of Correctional Services, the Department of Health and the Department of Social Development. What is the purpose of the National Register for Sex Offenders?“Since the victim was not in possession of the items that the suspects were demanding, his brother was reportedly called so he could pay a ransom to secure both his safety and freedom.However, upon his arrival in Sunnyside, the brother alerted a police van that was on patrol in the area,” he said.This affidavit, must be placed in the employee's file to be utilised at a future date once the Register becomes fully operational.

Applying for a Police Clearance Certificate ALSO NOTE: Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act (32/2007): Order issued by the North Gauteng High Court, Pretoria in relation to section 48, GG 32850, Nr 1670, the National Register for Sex Offenders (NRSO).

As part of curbing the prevalence of sexual offences in South Africa, the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development has, in terms of Chapter 6 of the Act, implemented the National Register for Sex Offenders on 30th June 2009.