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07-Jun-2020 22:18

Patent Date: February 2, 1892 Painter was a great inventor of many things that related to the bottling industry.

The Crown Cap was a unique and industry-changing invention.

In other areas, the bottling plant had to be completely separate from the brewing facility even if both were owned by the same parent company.

To make things more complicated for a brewery owner, the various patented bottle stoppers were ever-changing.

This would often render bottling equipment and bottle types obsolete long before their time.

Innovative printing technology in the very late 19 th century allowed brewers and bottlers to have their company name, address, and a logo or monogram imprinted on top of this Hutter stopper.

Many examples of embossed bottles can be found with their original Hutter stopper still intact.

Finally, by about 1920, the crown cap was adapted by nearly all American glass bottle manufacturers and the Lightning and Hutter porcelain stoppers were forever discontinued in the USA.

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