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21-Sep-2020 22:49

This seems to be one of the more common “relationship” types in university.

You could define this as either, “having a thing,” “hanging out,” or “seeing each other, but not seeing anyone else.” This is the person in which you hangout with on a regular basis, have sleepovers with, go out on dates with, and basically do everything a boyfriend and girlfriend would do — but without the labels.

One piece of advice I have is to remember that one intimate moment does not necessarily mean you will end up being a serious couple.

Let things happen naturally and if it’s meant to be, then maybe that one-night stand will turn into an every-night occurrence.

I think the reason why so many people find the concept of hooking up with a friend so appealing is because it can be viewed as a way to “keep things simple” and to avoid the complications that commonly arise from being in a serious relationship.

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To avoid any awkward tension between you and the friend you are hooking up with, make sure you know how you are feeling and don’t put yourself in a situation where you will get hurt.

It also caused us to fight a lot more and caused me more stress than the relationship was worth.

I’m not trying to say that all long distance relationships are bad, but I think your decision to be in one or to not be in one greatly impacts the type of experience you have in university.

“Like it’s a relationship if you are only hooking up with each other and no one else but you don’t want to put a quote on quote label on things, it’s still a relationship, it’s just kids in university are afraid of commitment.”Something to remember while being in this type of hookup/relationship limbo is that you are not in an actual relationship yet, so don’t pour your heart and soul into it.

As far as the other person is concerned, you’re both still entitled to play the field a little.I would not be in a long distance relationship with a woman if I did not intend on being with her for the rest of my life.”The “real deal,” otherwise known as a clearly defined relationship between two people, is very rare to find in your first year of university.This type of a serious, long-term relationship comes when you reach a stage of maturity later on in university.The friends-with-benefits phenomenon is extremely common among young adults, especially those in university.

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