Republican intimidating voters

26-Sep-2020 19:45

The ID law also applied to absentee voting, which is used by many elderly black voters in rural counties, who now must mail in copies of their photo IDs with their ballots.(The NAACP Legal Defense Fund is challenging the law in federal court as intentionally discriminatory.) They reformed campaign finance laws to weaken the political organizations that mobilize African American voters.For years in Washington, conversation with people of divergent viewpoints was a normal, healthy and often enjoyable.I often found myself out with a liberal friend or co-worker discussing our respective beliefs about the political happenings of the day.In recent years, Alabama Republicans have taken steps to protect their grip on power by making it harder for African Americans and Latinos to vote.

Merrill has declined to advocate for early voting in Alabama, which often boosts minority participation.

Did they assume I support everything President Donald Trump or Lt. Yet the ire of many people on the left is being concentrated on the "secret authoritarians passing as liberals and conservatives in our midst." Because ordinary citizens who possess once widely-held, even banal beliefs are now being labeled as fascists. It is most obvious on college campuses where speakers and even professors are frequently prevented, through intimidation and sometimes physical violence, from expressing perspectives that have the potential to offend.

It's also present in our social media universe, now a tool to ridicule, demonize and discredit our ideological opponents.

(After a federal civil rights investigation, Alabama agreed to increase DMV service in rural African American counties, partially reversing the closures.) Since the US Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act in 2013, allowing states like Alabama to change voting procedures without federal approval, Alabama has closed about 200 voting precincts, creating longer lines and sowing confusion among voters.

“Alabama’s definitely in the forefront of voter suppression efforts,” says John Zippert, the head of the New South Coalition, a black political organization that seeks to mobilize African American voters.

When the votes are tallied Tuesday night, what won’t be counted is how many people might have voted if not for the restrictive voting laws in place in the state.

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