Relative dating sequence

12-Aug-2020 01:20

Petrie used it to arrange undated graves into a hypothetical (relative) chronological order according to the typology and association of the artifacts found in them (based on a of Egyptian pre-dynastic tomb pottery).

Artifacts found at other sites were then correlated with the sequence and given a sequence date.

Some levels contain evidence of the development of writing: tablets marked with numbers, tokens in envelopes, and tablets of the CATEGORY: site DEFINITION: A swampy plain in northern Syria east of Antioch (Antakya) at the foot of the Amanus mountains and beside the Orontes River at the northeast corner of the Mediterranean Sea.

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The site is divided into Acropole 1 and 2; Acropole 1 has provided a sequence of 27 levels up to the Akkadian period.The pottery was plain and dark, but some have channeled decoration and handles of Ansa Lunata type.The horse was domesticated and carts mounted on four solid disk-wheels were used.There also was an abundance of free-standing statues.

The Pre-Classical mounds show Late Neolithic occupation and a sequence of Late Chalcolithic to SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: archeological chronology CATEGORY: chronology DEFINITION: Establishment of the temporal sequences of human cultures by the application of a variety of dating methods to cultural remains.).The various kinds of hearths and living areas may suggest different social groups inhabiting the area.SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: (antonym: diffusion)CATEGORY: term DEFINITION: The adoption of a trait or traits by one society from another and the results of such changes.The scheme became progressively elaborated by dividing the was inserted between New Stone and Bronze.

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