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Sex between any family members who are too closely related to marry is considered incest.Sex between third or fourth cousins may not be considered incest, since marriage between cousins of this degree of consanguinity is generally not prohibited.In the United States, each state establishes its own incest laws.Some states criminalize relationships between siblings, parents and children, and cousins, while other states permit relationships between cousins.However, because of the aforementioned factors, the actual rates of incest are difficult to calculate and may be much higher.Non-consensual and coercive incest can cause severe psychological damage.

While the strictest definition of the term applies only to those who are closely related, incest may also refer to sexual intercourse between family members who are not blood-related, such as step-siblings or cousins by marriage.

Incest laws are generally enforced by prohibiting marriage and sexual activity between certain people; when incest is not consensual, the perpetrator may be prosecuted for rape or sexual assault.

Incest crimes often receive more severe sentences than other sex crimes against minors. Further, many states treat incest between an older teen (above the age of consent) and a related adult as statutory rape, no matter the circumstances of the sexual activity.

Due to the stigma surrounding incest, many of those who are victimized never report the crime, which can often prevent them from being able to process the abuse and heal from it. Doing so may help them temporarily avoid trauma and pain, but over time, they may experience concerns such as: Even incest occurring between adults who have both consented to the sexual relationship can have lasting effects.

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When closely-related relatives, such as siblings, have children together, there is a higher likelihood of birth defects and genetic mutations.

Therapy can be beneficial to survivors of incest, even when the abuse happened years or even decades earlier.