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12-Oct-2020 20:30

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After the discovery of KNM-ER 1470, the tuff deposit associated with the fossil was first ‘dated’ by the K-Ar method at 212–230 million years (Ma), but since hominid fossils are ‘clearly’ not that old, the ‘date’ was rejected.Analysis of selected samples gave an ‘age’ of 2.9 Ma, which was considered acceptable.This occurs when fossils pronounced ‘ancestral’ based on morphology are thought to be much older than the evolutionary fossil dating indicates.

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However, evolution in the broadest sense—naturalism applied to biological origins and history—could still offer an explanation for it, however counter-intuitive and lacking in experimental verification the explanation may be.

However, recent experiments have shown that pollen fossils can survive the high temperatures and pressures required to form metamorphic rock.

The Roraima group is unlikely to be redated to anything amenable to evolution, and the idea of a hoax is patently absurd.

Natural history is also bound up with the starting assumptions (or axioms) one brings to the investigation.

One’s axioms determine what types of evidence are relevant and what could have happened in the past.

Nevertheless, Dawkins’ statement only demonstrates his lack of imagination in coming up with an evolutionary scenario to explain it; not that it couldn’t be done.

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