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05-Aug-2020 14:36

So doing the -- listening to music, running -- can be heavily impacted by the form.

Discovering a letter my mom had written to me the day after her funeral -- to see her handwriting and hold in my hand this tangible thread between us. As to the Handy Problem: On one hand, (pardon the pun) we hope to address stickiness with well-crafted membership tiers.

To read beautiful works of literature and ambitious non-fiction, or to only consume it on paper?

To correspond with people in an intimate and enriching way, or to only send those letters via the postal service?

There was no incentive for either party to keep using Handy, which is pretty bad for Handy's business model. What happens once someone finds a pen pal they're happy with and has all the pens and prompts they can handle?

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Your system of membership perks makes me think about what I call The Handy Problem. A woman arrived at our apartment, we liked her and then we started paying her directly and quit Handy.(I let him down gently.) But as someone who covers entrepreneurs for a living, I admit skepticism: Is there a market for this? We use our brains differently when we can't rely on the backspace button and have to write something down.I can't think of another friend of mine who has a pen pal. So now, the ,000 question (literally): If you build it, will they buy?Some people will also just desire anonymity and our top-tier membership will provide that by using P P as the go-between.