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14-Apr-2020 23:34

Here are eight things to know about this complex method of sending new doctors into the world: An M. It’s called residency training, or graduate medical education among the folks who run the show. Before anyone will let you treat patients on your own, however, you have to go for more training to become the specific kind of doctor you want to be.

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It’s like online dating and job interviews combined.With relationships, the stakes – and the potential regret – are higher.Researchers point to the role of counterfactual thinking: Having more choices allows people to generate counterfactuals, or evaluative thoughts about the merits of the discarded alternatives (i.e., "what might have been"), which, in turn, lower satisfaction. "When the cost of the investment of meeting someone is really low and there are tons of options you'll explore those options," Toma says."There can be more regret when they know there are other options," D'Angelo says.