Most intimidating song ever

22-Aug-2020 09:05

This is the song that blew the doors off the hinges of the epic Biggie-Tupac feud. An eponymous remix track, this "Broken Wings"-sampling Richard Page remix matched Tupac's identity quite well. Flanked by the marginally skilled ranks of the Outlawz, Pac unleashed private matters—including an alleged affair with Biggie's wife, Faith Evans—for the world to see, giving hip-hop one of its most memorable and venomous tracks.Anointed as the new prince of the left coast, ' Pac exhibited a new side of himself: a clever, young comrade of the gangsta rap movement of the mid-'90s, alongside Tha Doggfather. The beat grips the listener with its heavy bass, snares and urgent church bells as ' Pac spills his soul over with grit and honesty, even from the song's first bars: Vitriolic, spiteful, and outright inflammatory, Tupac elevated what was a bitter feud between former friends to outright warfare in this rapid-fire diss record aimed at Notorious B. Funky production and guests Syke and CPO offer Tupac enough ammunition to propel an otherwise typical roll through the city block into an ambient portrait of street life.On this meticulously-crafted masterpiece, Shakur pats mama on the back for working tirelessly to put food on the table during the day and trying to liberate him from the perils of street life at night.Perhaps the perfect showcase of the man's softer side, "Keep Ya Head Up" is arguably his best individual performance ever.Over DJ Daryl's rendition of Zapp & Roger's "Be Alright," Pac delivers a message about staying ahead of the struggle and showing respect to all, regardless of gender. He's the only rapper who has something for the whole family and is still cool. With "God's Plan," he played up his nice guy schtick with a truly touching philanthropic music video.When he raps "hate the fact my mom cooped up in her apartment, telling herself that she's too sick to get dressed up and go do shit," he's not playing a character. And it's moments like these that keep Drake from ever straying too far away from his fans.

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Narrowing Pac's best to just 22 songs wasn't an easy task.Though it sometimes gets overshadowed by the more emotive "To Live & Die in LA," "California Love" is one of Tupac's best-known works. Dre's piano-laden production frames the soundbed for a celebratory ode to Cali, while Roger Troutman's vocoder-aided chorus adds some flavor to the mix.As he proceeds to critique the so-called justice system and the prison complex, the tone in Tupac's voice grows more and more urgent with each bar.But anyone who gets to Drake's status can consider their origins level 0.