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07-May-2020 03:00

When it comes to infidelity, the number of men having affairs also outweighs the number women.

Twenty-one percent of male respondents told researchers that they had cheated on their partners, compared to the 15 percent of women who admitted to being unfaithful.

Researchers based their results on a sample of more than 2,524 people aged 14 and over.

() Despite the legal foundation for gender equality, outdated gender roles still dominate daily life in Germany, writes DW's Bettina Burkart.

If, as some say, equality exists, it's time for a round of pay cuts - and raises.

When it comes to taking the pill or other oral contraceptives, 51 percent of women aged 50 or younger said they did so.

Read more: Free prescribed contraception for low-earners Five percent of those surveyed said they avoided contraception altogether as they said they were trying for a child.

Five percent do not use contraception because they wish to have children.

Aug 24, 2017. Do men have more sexual partners than women? How many Germans cheat on their partners? What percentage of men have visited a.… continue reading »

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