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27-Jun-2020 02:59

Meaning, some older adolescents might use a potent substance like crystal meth before trawling chat rooms in search of hook-ups.

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If that does not work, or if fighting or discipline problems arise, seek treatment with a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other mental health professional.

"For an entire year I saw nothing but the back of my daughter's head," Melanie's dad explains. When she became inconsolable and accused us of ruining her social life--she couldn't update her Face book page--we knew there was a serious problem." Turned out, Melanie was down and out over a flirtation with a boy that had gone nowhere.

Once she and her parents began to talk about what was bothering her, their home situation improved dramatically.

Teen Central.net, a website operated by Kidspeace, a Pennsylvania treatment center for dually diagnosed adolescents. Experts agree that talking, limiting access, and seeking therapy can go a long way.

Parents usually hold more sway with their adolescents than they might think. Many spend hours on-line, e-mailing, instant messaging, downloading music, and updating Facebook pages, with some visiting game sites, shopping, and gambling on-line.When her previously high grades began to drop, her parents confiscated her desktop, and Melanie threatened to leave home.Teens might be on-line because they are already depressed, anxious, and lonely.