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There is a need for such a sex-neutral term, since sexually discriminatory killing is just as wrong when the victims happen to be male.The term also calls attention to the fact that gender roles have often had lethal consequences, and that these are in important respects analogous to the lethal consequences of racial, religious, and class prejudice.Eclampsia, a condition possible pre, during, and post childbirth, is characterized by seizures due to high blood pressure, kill another 75,000 through damage to the brain and kidneys.Moreover, 100,000 die from sepsis; contracted through untreated infections of the uterus and remaining fragments of the placenta that poison the bloodstream.The Holocaust falls within the category of genocide but can also be categorized as gendercide; in such instances, women were chosen for execution more than their male counterparts, and females were sent to 'work camps' where many were killed.Moreover, the categorization of war zones included the gendercide of males.Lack of health education restricts commonplace medical knowledge, thus bystanders are unable to offer assistance.

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Gendercide also takes the forms of abortion and infanticide, and lethal violence against a particular gender at any stage of life.According to the United Nations, the biologically normal gender ratio at birth ranges from 102 to 106 males per 100 females.However, ratios higher than normal – sometimes as high as 130 – have been observed.where 411 assassinations of women were qualified as serial and/or of sexual characteristic, by domestic violence, intimate femicides and hatred against women as serial and/or of sexual characteristic, by domestic violence, intimate femicides and hatred against women.

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