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28-Jul-2020 16:04

Using Body Language Setting the Right Mood Sending Flirty Signals Community Q&A Have you started a relationship with someone, but have not shared a kiss yet? Kissing can be fun and exciting, but also intense and intimate. With a little effort, you and your special someone will be kissing in no time.

The best way to get your boyfriend or girlfriend to kiss you is to enhance your intimacy by leaning against your partner, making eye contact, and touching their face.

From there you can chat normally with your Invisible Boyfriend, who is actually written by an online workforce. We don’t want to make any judgements, but we would advise against falling in love with your invisible boyfriend. We have been featured on BBC News, Time, Buzzfeed, the guardian, Business Insider, Wired, The Today Show, the Riverfront Times, Fusion, CBS, FAKT24, CNN and have even won a Webby Award.

The actress, who has nailed her role of Elektra to perfection on both of these series is Elodie Yung.