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27-Jun-2020 21:28

If a post helps me I'll always eventually mark it as an answer. Item Updating event, you have access to the New Values and Old Values collections.

But I frequently don't mark it right away because I feel once a thread is marked as answered, discussion tends to end. This event could be used if you wanted to make sure that each of the items within the New Values collection was trimmed of excess spaces before updating. Updating event provides you with access to the actual parameters that will be passed to the Update Method identified by your Object Data Source.

So far I have this: Codebehind: Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. My code: //No objectdatasource how can I conduct a search? Da...update panel to update datasource and gridview I'm using a update panel that contains a textbox, a gridview and a data source.

I've put some code in the page load so that when the user enters text into the textbox it changes select command for the datasource so that the select command has a WHERE in it and then changes select command back when there is no text in the text box.

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Then, for each activity that affects the entire workflow, bind that activity’s correlation token to the correlation token of the On Workflow Activated activity.But speaking in general, also since the old values would be part of the actual parameters that will be passed to the Update Method, does this mean I have access to the old and new values in the Object Data Source. Is the purpose to allow different controls bound to the same datasource to do different things?I guess I'm not sure why you would use one over the other?Along with job titles, the list also contains confidential salary information for the job title and is therefore secured from users.

My itemupdating event receiver sets a value in a field and my itemupdated sets some permissions on the item. Is there a reason why do you want to use the Item Updated receiver specifically? Do you absolutely need to do something Asynchronous?… continue reading »

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Everything looked as it should through ItemUpdating, but somewhere in between ItemUpdating and ItemUpdated, the data was lost, and my values were set to empty strings. It seems there is something strange with the parser for Office file types.… continue reading »

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