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The so-called Free State of Eire — which had a similar relationship with UK as Canada does now — was about 90% Catholic, rising to 95% as Protestants increasingly left.Catholicism was integral to Ireland’s sense of difference from the coloniser and its resentment against it.Sixty six per cent of the Irish people voted in May’s referendum to ‘Repeal the Eighth’.They have emphatically overturned the Eighth Amendment to the Irish constitution which declares that the life of the unborn child is equal to that of the mother, so outlawing abortion in almost all circumstances.As it did so, the Church could more safely be criticised or ignored.In 1997, just over 50% of Irish people voted to overturn the constitutional ban on divorce, with 63% having voted to keep the ban just nine years before.

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They were bastards; stained by the sinfulness of their conception.And around this time, the Church’s past abuses back when Ireland was poor but devout started to come to light: Unwed young mothers had been effectively imprisoned in Nunnery-run mother-and-baby homes (Magdalene Laundries) where they could work away their sins and be physically and psychologically abused; their babies were forcibly taken away from them and adopted, sometimes by infertile Catholic couples in the USA.Sometimes the records were destroyed so they could never see their children again.Or, as the internet arrived, they had to risk 14 years in jail by ordering abortion pills online; 2000 Irish women underwent abortions this way annually.