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From inside a wall of ice, the Witch tries to convince Caspian to give her a drop of his blood in order to set her free.Peter, Edmund, and Trumpkin arrive and dispatch Nikabrik while Edmund shatters the wall of ice before the Witch can be freed. Peter challanges Miraz to a one-on-one duel, in order to buy Lucy and Susan time to find Aslan.One year has passed in their world after they left Narnia.Just as the train pulls into the station the station tears apart transporting them back in Narnia.The film was a moderate success at the box office, grossing over 1 million in the United States and Canada and 8 million in the rest of the world.It received mostly positive reviews from film critics; however, some took issue with the portrayal of all the heroes having British accents while the villains are Spanish in appearance and inflection.The Narnians succeed in raiding Miraz’s castle, but Peter calls for a retreat when he realizes they are ambushed.

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Director Andrew Adamson wanted to make the film more spectacular than the first, and created an action sequence not in the novel.Since my sister still studying and got not much time to prepare stuff for her engagement day.. spending my weekend shopping & decorating all the necessary stuff.. I've been preparing everything for my sister engagement day..Cornelius gives him Queen Susan's ancient magical horn and instructs him to use it if he is in dire need of help.

Knowing that his Uncle Miraz would kill him in order to be king, Caspian flees.

The Narnians were designed to look wilder as they have been hiding from persecution, stressing the darker tone of the sequel.

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