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06-Sep-2020 04:02

Ruby starts the show weighing more than 477 lbs (she originally weighed over 700 lbs.) Ruby works with nutritionists, doctors, and trainers to lose weight, all the while commenting honestly and often humorously about the experience.

The show also deals with the every-day life issues a morbidly obese person can face, such as the difficulty in using airplane bathrooms.

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The van driven by the accused failed to take a sweeping curve in the road, left the roadway for about 7 metres & collided with a telegraph pole.

UPDATE At the conclusion of the what may be the first of many seasons of our heroine lost 104 lbs., went camping for the first time and visited one of her childhood homes with the hopes of restoring her lost memories. And it seems that she is getting smaller every day for it was reported that she has lost 150 lbs.

Full of life and eager to find love – starting with herself and then moving on to a significant other — my girl likes rides on the back of motorcycles, get herself a good pedicure, and spend time with close and loving friends.

The only thing truly keeping her from having the her best life now, as the Big O would say, is two or three hundred unwanted pounds.

On this same program, you watch some ghastly medical procedure in which the pounds/mounds of fat are excised from the aforementioned body as you wince in virtual pain and disgust.

Next scene: The patient is in recovery — smaller, personally satisfied, but with more than a few pounds of unwanted flesh requiring additional, now plastic, surgery. We are all unique human beings who grew up with parents, without parents, single parents, siblings, teachers, etc. My Interview w/ For people who are going to be hearing these ideas for the first time and maybe seeing a sliver of themselves in what you’re going through, what’s the first thing that they should do right now? PLS CLICK HERE: Ya'll, please take your first step right now! Because guess what one day your first step will lead you to your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc... The co-offender made a separate trial application, which was granted, & his re-trial was fixed for the following day.

What do ya'll think about me dating. Thank YOU US, South Africa, London, Australia, Canada. Ruby Gettinger Emmy Style network Facebook.… continue reading »

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This inspirational TV show gives viewers an intimate look inside the life of Ruby Gettinger. Watch Ruby Online. Ruby On the Street Dating a Big.… continue reading »

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