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06-May-2020 12:03

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The photos from your i Phone will be shown in the left-hand pane of the program, while all the computer files and folders will be displayed on the right side.

Now you can select some of your images or all of them at once (by pressing the ctrl and “A” keys simultaneously) as well as all your photo albums, and transfer them with a simple drag-and-drop to the PC pane.

Copy Trans Photo is constantly evolving and getting more and more new features. Click the small plus sign at the right top corner of one of the moments. For this, open Copy Trans Cloudly from the Copy Trans Control Center, enter your password and login and choose the Download option.Then select the folder on your computer where you would like to store all your photos and start downloading.The photo albums you created on your i Phone will not be imported.

If you select images you uploaded before, Google won’t detect this and will create duplicates.You cannot send more than 5 photos at a time, so this process is very tedious.Conclusion: The best option to transfer images and videos from i Phone to the computer is Copy Trans Photo.After it is finished, open this folder and you will find all your images there.

I open Photos or Camera and it says updating library then stops at about 50% then crashes and it goes back to the home screen. The firmware is 4.… continue reading »

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