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10-Jun-2020 06:18

“Oh, yeah, that was the thing with the creationism.

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More important, if you convert a culture from thinking in the first type of way to thinking in the second type of way, then religious people will be unpopular and anyone trying to make a religious argument will have to spend the first five minutes of their speech explaining how they’re not Fred Phelps, honest, and no, they don’t picket any funerals.

An atheist attacking creationism becomes a deadly threat for the average Christian, even if that Christian does not herself believe in creationism.

Likewise, when a religious person attacks atheists who are moral relativists, or communists, or murderers, then all atheists have to band together to stop it somehow or they will have successfully poisoned people against atheism. This is starting to sound a lot like something I wrote on my old blog about superweapons.

Put this in the context of people attacking the Westboro Baptist Church.

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You see the attacker win a big victory over “religion”, broadly defined.

This statement seems historically plausible, and it’s part of the Christian religion, and no one is implying it says anything about the Jews today. The next day you hear people complain about the greedy Jewish bankers who are ruining the world economy.

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