George lopez dubya dad and dating

03-Oct-2020 09:18

It's also a repellant smear to accuse Jews of being complicit in financing the murder of millions of other Jews."There are only 9 countries in the world without a Rothschild Central Bank: Russia, China, Iceland, Cuba, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Hungary.World War I saw the decline of the Rothschild fortune paralleled by the rise of the International Monetary Fund, and by World War II, the family was on the run from the Nazis.Financing "both sides" of these crushingly expensive wars would have bankrupted the family many times over.It was suggested that the name `Huttler' was Jewish, `revealed' that he could be traced to a Jewish family called Hitler in Bucharest, and even claimed that his father had been sired by Baron Rothschild, in whose house in Vienna his grandmother had allegedly spent some time as a servant.

The whole "Rothschild Central Bank" myth is many different kinds of wrong and should be dismissed without a second thought.

If you want to dispense racist, historically ignorant nonsense about wealthy Jews, you can hardly do better than Facebook.

Quite a few memes have been going around about the Rothschild family (which, full disclosure, I have absolutely no link to other than having the same last name) and I wanted to take a look at three that caught my eye.

There's also some text, full of the usual Rothschild-related distortions and lies. The entire amount of financial assets held by the population of the earth is a bit less than 0 trillion.

Part of it reads: This is a ludicrous accusation that seems to have appeared out of thin air and been accepted as gospel truth by internet conspiracy theorists and anti-Semites. As of 2011, the total worth of the derivatives market was about 0 trillion, and there's nowhere near enough money in the world to pay that off should the need arise.

As with most internet rumors, this one rest solely on rumor taken as fact.

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