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24-May-2020 21:53

This guide article will give you help tips, alerts, giveaways, tell-tail signs, alarms, things to look out for, and gudence on how to know, be sure or spot if you are being scammed, conned, tricked or duped into giving or sending money abroad or away on Internet dating sites by farudsters, con artists or unreal users using fake ID, bogus or stolen profiles or identities. I own the free Christian dating site Fusion101 and just noticed on someone’s profile a great list of things to do when you go on a date.

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Then using a number of pre-scripted emails and tugs on your emotional heart strings like; they will put you in a position where by not paying them you will feel an incredible amount of guilt. You can always use the card; “it’s not Internet etiquette” and you would not be lying!

Now if you want some actual dating tips and advice on dating in general – check out our date advice guide!

God bless you all – Edward at Fusion101:) Copyright 2010 101Christian Networks.

Something that anyone using the Internet must be aware of, are romance scams and dating scammers at large – because whilst there are very few cases of scams on fusion101 (it is unfortunately a complete rarity to find free dating sites that are romance scammer free) the fact is, it can happen to dating site – paid or not, since most pay sites allow joining and basic usage of the site for free anyway.

A romance scam is simply when some one poses to be someone they are not – eg from a country they do not actually live in or use a photo or create an identity that is fake and use this to gain your confidence and trust. Of course being a Christian you might feel double guilty about not helping someone in a crisis but NEVER give in – here’s what you do; YOU CALL OR EMAIL US AND WE WILL TAKE A LOOK AT THE PROFILE IN QUESTION AND GIVE OUR EXPERT ADVICE. There – now you have no excuse to be scammed on the Internet. Having said all that – staying pure or celibate or avoiding fooling about without full sex is no easy task in today’s society where everyone and everything tells us to do the opposite – and that to stay celibate is narrow minded and daft and silly.