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03-Oct-2020 01:25

Characters that have been gifted due to a special event by Dokkan Battle are also accepted into these events.Team building should not be very difficult, especially for an active player.For battling, I recommend leveraging your Ki orbs so that LR Goku is able to launch a super attack whenever available.I would also recommend using only one Oolong (TEQ) prior to the final round of fighting LR Frieza, as that is the most difficult.Also, try to leverage your HP so that you can utilize Whis’ passive, as that saves you on HP items.If played right, you will need to use only 2 Senzu Beans, and maybe one Oolong (TEQ).

During the third round, with my preferred team composition, my AGL units take 10k tops damage per normal ATK from LR Frieza.

Then you have to get the appropriate medals to Dokkan awaken that character.

This step gets repeated a few times, so pay attention.

LR Frieza, when he launches a super ATK, will do around 30k damage.

This means that I can squeeze in two rounds without healing typically.

Without a whole lot of effort or trial, this team has done an incredible job of defeating LR Frieza with ease, and without the use of many items (mostly healing and Ooling TEQ is used).