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Future research should test these findings in different settings, and provide further assessment of long term quit rates.

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There were no restrictions on the use of other smoking cessation strategies by trial participants—that is, this trial tested the addition of mobile phone based services to existing practice.

All participants were informed at their baseline interview of the Quitline and the government subsidy for nicotine replacement therapy that was available.

Participants allocated to the intervention group received a programme of interventions, based around setting a quit date within 30 days of randomisation.

A quit day was negotiated with each participant, and five messages were sent per day for the week leading up to the quit day and the following four weeks.

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On the quit day a free month of outgoing text messaging also began, with participants encouraged to tell all their friends and family they are quitting on that day.

The messages were developed by a multidisciplinary team including young adults, Maori health researchers, and experts in adolescent health, nutrition, cognitive behavioural therapy, and smoking cessation.