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It wad frae mony a blunder free us, An' foolish notion: He got close: it was addressed, as the title says, "To a louse".

Posted by Ariston (# 10894) on : "Give him a chance, he's the president" they said."He doesn't mean it. This week has been a real "where the fuck do we even start? Maybe its' because I have so many friends who are artists, scientists, humanities scholars, public defenders, educators, and general do-gooders, but it's been hard to find someone who doesn't feel their jobs and livelihoods are threatened by Cheetohitler's edicts.

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Either it will assign it, or you can give it whatever name you like.His anti-science approach is damaging, but will mean that science will have to find other ways to get funding and published. And Trump is a low life that pond slime would wipe of its shoes.Posted by Penny S (# 14768) on : There's a lot of side links to stories showing the fight back.The clock in the town square, never slow, never fast is telling the time. Before things get so bad that even Pugh, Pugh, Barney Mc Grew could put out the fire.

Posted by Schroedinger's cat (# 64) on : I think we need a board entirely dedicated to the insanity that is the White House today.

Posted by Alan Cresswell (# 31) on : It was inevitable (how has it taken so long? But, we've definitely reached the point where we need a Hell thread for the new President of the United States.

Or anything to do with sex. Sorry for all you normal USAns. Could someone explain how he gets to be leader of the free world if that free world has.… continue reading »

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Also I attempted for about 2.4 seconds to come up with a Speaking Confidentially theme for the. No drink, thanks Free at. an online subscription.… continue reading »

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A Global Warming Bubble ?dissidentvoice.orgBy Alton C. Thompson. Even when we understand our current path is no longer beneficial or no.… continue reading »

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One-year subscription. CRXL. Of Chanukah. But Friday I will attend the inauguration of the Confucius Institute for Business so there will be no.… continue reading »

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Monthly Archives September, 2017. Nothing’s Cooking, Good Looking September 29, 2017; The Great Papal Shrug September 27, 2017; What This Is, Need Not.… continue reading »

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