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This sensitivity can be especially important when someone faces the unique challenges of cumulative grief.3) Be aware of the increased possibility of avoidance or denial in instances of cumulative grief.If you have suffered multiple losses, either all at once or before integrating the previous loss, some important things to remember are: 1) Be aware of the risk of cumulative loss/grief overload. Just being aware that multiple losses in a short period poses unique challenges and can put you at risk for a grief process that is especially complicated is important.Cumulative losses do put us at higher risk for prolonged grief.This means that when a person stops using drugs or alcohol they may face multiple losses that they failed to grieve over the course of years or even decades.Once someone stops using drugs or alcohol they may find themselves facing multiple losses from the past that they avoided with substances, and hence experiencing grief overload. As individuals progress into their 70s, 80s, and 90s they may find themselves experiencing the deaths of friends and family members more regularly than earlier in life.

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There can be an inclination toward avoidance when experiencing just one loss, so it is not surprising that this inclination grows when losses are compiled on one another.When abusing drugs or alcohol, people are prone to avoid grieving.Using drugs or alcohol to numb grief can result in never fully grieving losses.We can find it difficult to deal with people who are grieving differently.