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Many people online are honest and genuine - but many more aren't.

Take your time, research your potential date, and make an effort to think critically about their behavior.

Since 2011, Face Time has officially been out of beta.

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Unlike similar services such as Skype or Facebook Messenger, Face Time exclusively supports one-on-one calling (i.e., no group calling) and can only be used to call someone with a compatible Apple device — it will not work on Windows or Android phones.If you use these techniques, you should be able to expose a catfish quickly - and that means you can move on to someone more deserving of your attention. Deciding whether your date is for real can be difficult, and even if you’ve done everything in your power to be sure the person you’ve met (or the person your son, daughter, or close friend has met) is genuine, doubts can remain. Our network of investigators is trained to investigate and uncover the real details of a potential catfisher, from true location and occupation to gender and age - whatever they might be claiming. It allows you to keep in touch with friends and family on Apple devices via video chats.Due to carrier concern that the app would use too much bandwidth and produce high data bills, Face Time only worked over Wi-Fi for a time, but as of i OS 6, this restriction was removed.

It turns out, using Face Time over your data network doesn’t actually eat up as much data as you might expect.

To use the app, first make sure that it’s installed on your device.