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25-Apr-2020 00:01

Marriages between young UK men and Thai women do not always involve travel to Thailand, because many couples meet in the UK itself.In fact, the volume of Thais moving into Britain, particularly England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, has prompted the UK government to consider setting restrictions.Eugene said'I am heartbroken - I have no money problems and have no mortgage'.He went on to complain that this'silly bureaucratic law' was separating him from his wife.The fact that over 100 Thai - foreigners couples involving UK men are married every week is unsettling to local and central government.Although some men who take a Thai wife elect to live permanently in his wife's country (Thailand), there is still a large enough proportion to cause concern to governments.So what is the situation regarding Thai wives and UK men with respect to visas and immigration?

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This means that it must be registered at a District Office (Amphur office), just as British religious marriage ceremonies must be backed up with civil registration.Britain is regarded by many foreigners as being a fair country, and welcoming to those that are either willing to work, or are spouses of British nationals.Thanit Chomphra, the Thai wife of a Manchester building contractor, states that'the British people have always been fair minded and willing to give a chance to those who work hard.' Many others feel the same.In many cases the husband is content to settle down in Thailand with his new wife, while in many others the couple chooses to live in the husband's home country.

There are several factors that can influence this choice, the most important being the husband's employment and the relative commitment of the bride or groom to their home country and the need to live close to relatives.

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