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"Crying Out for Help" atones for its sins ("Wearing my crown, laying you down/When I'm down, when I'm down, when I'm down") over a grinding dubstep beat while "Say Nothing" ("'Cause your eyes do the talking") apologizes for demolishing a relationship over the most glorious of Dirty South beats."All My Lows" pulls a light dance winner out of selfishness and irresponsibility ("It's a long, long time to wait/Everything I promised you was there but I was late" and the revealing "I went downhill just to up my numbers"), but it's not all electro and Yom Kippur as Muse-ish guitar rock and a backstabbing ex-girlfriend fuel the highlight single "Close Enemies." Then there's the opening "Come Taste the Rainbow," which comes on hard with a chunky guitar and a maybe-Asperger's, maybe-ADHD diagnosis for the young Example, and while these personal stories come with slapdash soul-searching and only wee slivers of insight, this is dancefloor therapy and not the usual deepness found after lying on an analyst couch.

He was raised as the oldest of three children in London, England.Later in 2012, he was nominated for the BRIT Awards for the same popular song Changed the Way You Kiss Me.Gleave has been Chart-Topper and brand ambassador of Teenage Cancer Trust selling some exclusive meet and greet packages from his UK Tour raising over £20 million via guest list donations from his arena tour being a long-time supporter of Teenage Cancer Trust.Born Elliot Gleave, he is an electro-house and hip-hop songwriter and producer known for such hits as "Won't Go Quietly" and "Changed the Way You Kiss Me." He is also an occasional actor, and appeared in a supporting role in Between Two Worlds in 2013.