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He’s a robot.” In 2013, they were awarded the honor of being in 2013’s People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” issue. When we were coming out of high school, we didn’t want to be struggling actors and—I remember the conversation—we were like, ‘Let’s invest in real estate! I have absolutely met women who took my breath away and left me wondering if they could be a great match for me. He told the W Network, “My girlfriend and I have the same sense of humor and love to laugh every day.Th magazine said they “both love spontaneous women who are up for new adventures and eating at delicious restaurants.” Their good looks have gotten them acting gigs. Getting out of the home office is step one for a good date.” In 2010, they started Scott Brothers Entertainment, an independent production company. He’s very heavily integrated,” Jonathan told Style Network.

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Jonathan, a contractor and Drew, a realtor, are known for helping others find, buy and renovate houses into dream homes on a deadline and budget.

Now a resident of San Francisco, Ryan is a highly-respected member in the culinary community.