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Provided a document contains at least a small amount of technical information it will be regarded as complying with s.15(1)(c), and failure to comply with, for example, s.14(3) or r.14 will not prevent a filing date being accorded.

If the description fails to comply with any formal or substantive requirement of the Act or Rules, objection will be raised sooner or later and the applicant given an opportunity to rectify the matter.

The name and address (or other means of contacting the applicant) must be in English or Welsh to the extent that it is useable by a literate person acquainted only with the English and/or Welsh language.

[ Where Parts 2 and 4 of Form 1 do not, between them contain enough information to enable the applicant to be contacted, contact information in Part 12 may be good enough, but where there is doubt the advice of Legal Section should be sought.] s.7(1) is also relevant.

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Where the description required by s.15(10)(b)(i) contains matter additional to that contained in the earlier application to which reference was made, s.76(1A) will not allow the application to proceed unless or until that matter has been removed from the description.Where documents filed at the Patent Office to initiate an application for a patent satisfy all the conditions specified in subsection (1) above, the comptroller shall as soon as practicable after the filing of the last of those documents notify the applicant of-(a) the date of filing the application, and(b) the requirements that must be complied with, and the periods within which they are required by this Act or rules to be complied with, if the application is not to be treated as having been withdrawn.Where an application meets the requirements for being given a date of filing, the comptroller must notify the applicant of that date, and must also notify the applicant of anything that still requires to be filed and for which the sanction for failing to file it within the time prescribed is that the application will be treated as withdrawn.The comptroller may refuse the application if the applicant fails to file a translation into English or Welsh within two months of such a notification. Article 5(7) of the PLT requires Contracting Parties to accept, for the purposes of according a date of filing only, a reference to an earlier application as a replacement for the description, and this is reflected in s.15(1)(c)(ii).

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